People have always said that success comes to those with positive thoughts and a good mentality. I’ve always sat on the fence as to whether believe them or not. These past few days I’ve been so optimistic about my life and the future – good stuff actually has been happening!

I received the best news yesterday when my manager told me that I’d be getting a promotion from April…YES! I’ve worked in the same field within Marketing for 3 years and have never seen a promotion or any major form of recognition (apart from the odd small pay increase and “well done”). This news has invigorated my passion for the job and I’m really striving to perform even better than before. I don’t know if this is all to do with thinking more positively or whether it’s just good timing…but good result either way.

A small but mega win yesterday evening was that I managed to go out without having any alcoholic drinks. I went out with a good friend that I hadn’t seen for a month so. We had a lovely long catch up in one of my favourite places. It was so tempting to order a nice cold beer or a cocktail. Instead I went for a mocktail…all of the goodness of a cocktail without the alcohol 🙂

If you’ve been reading all of my blog entries you would have seen in my first entry that I got onto bad terms with a work colleague last weekend. Drunken me called him some horrible names. I decided that I wanted all negativity and regret out of my life so I bought him a box filled with chocolates and sweets, accompanied with an “I’m Sorry” card. He seems thrilled and our friendship is now back on the right track.

Anyway I’m really pleased with all of the things that have been happening to me this week and I want to continue this spree of positive thinking and ridding negativity out of my life.

The real test will be when the weekend arrives and I’ll want to go out and get drunk. I’ll keep you updated…


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